I will be appearing on TV Tokyo’s “Tokyo Crossing ONE MOMENT” which will be broadcast from 21:54 on Tuesday, November 28, 2023.

Third generation Edo armorer Tomomi Kato

Edo armor is popular as a celebratory decoration for Boy’s Festival.In Bunkyo Ward, we continue to preserve the traditional techniques passed down from our grandfather’s generation, and they are made using the same manufacturing method as armor and helmets used in actual battles. The origin of manufacturing is Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Arts High School.In order to prevent the culture of displaying armor from becoming obsolete, we are disseminating information overseas through the Internet.What is Kato’s new initiative to protect armor culture?

Places that influenced me in Tokyo: “Tokyo Metropolitan Bunkyo Crafts High School” 引用:テレビ東京「東京交差点ONE MOMENT」websiteより

Please take a look.

東京交差点 ONE MOMENT :テレビ東京 (tv-tokyo.co.jp)