We will participate in the Christmas event “TOKYO DOME CITY 笑イルミ クリスマスも笑いまSHOW” held at Tokyo Dome City.

[Armor Craftsman Tomomi Kato] will be open for three days: 17th (Sunday), 23rd (Saturday), and 25th (Monday).

We will be selling three types of Katchu Kozaneita straps, brooches, and pendants, so please stop by.

『TOKYO DOME CITY 笑イルミ クリスマスも笑いまSHOW』クリスマス笑店街

Event period: December 16th (Sat), 17th (Sun), 23rd (Sat) to 25th (Mon), 2023

[Armor Craftsman Tomomi Kato] Dates: 17th (Sun), 23rd (Sat), 25th (Mon)

Location: Tokyo Dome City LaQua Garden

イベント情報:クリスマスも笑いまSHOW | 東京ドームシティ ウィンターイルミネーション | 東京ドームシティ (tokyo-dome.co.jp)